Towards The Light Music Video




This video is made entirely from still photographs.  I took almost 2,000 still photographs, but due to time constraints only about 800 were used to fill the four and a half minutes.   That is about three pictures per second.
_DSC5433Towards the Light is about people who are down-and-out in life and struggling with the challenges that we all go through.  Despair.  Remorse.  Grief.  Fear.  Anger.  Envy.  Failure.  Sorrow.  Self-doubt.  Loneliness.  Although each of us may deal with them differently, we ultimately want the same result; to find a ray of light, or hope.  Some of us may find that light on our own, and others, when our basket seems too heavy to bear, might find relief by the hand of another.




I used Windows Movie Maker (which comes standard on any PC) to put it all together.  It was filmed at Pine Lodge in Old La Sal, Utah, on the road to the Needles Overlook (Canyonlands National Park), at the Needles Overlook, and the sand dunes near Behind the Rocks south of Moab, Utah.




View the video here.

2 comments on “Towards The Light Music Video

  1. Wow !! Your video is AWESOME and amazing to watch !! I love it !! You have so much talent … if I was a famous song writer I would hire you to do all my music videos!! Hey Lee, you did a fantastic job at acting … you’re a natural and the camera loves you !! I’m so proud to be your big sis !!

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